Yang MaverickMy name is Yang and live in Hanoi, the peaceful and green capital city of Vietnam.  Start working in travel industry in Vietnam from 1995 when I was 20 year old, I have a chances to travel to every part of Vietnam and seeing many different changes in the country. Lucky enough, I have many opportunities to enjoy the beauties of Vietnam, both scenery and people, and I could capture all this beauties by my camera. The job in Vietnam tourism also helps me to travel allots and experience different areas of Vietnam, from mountain to ocean, from city to rural area and many hidden part with great charm in every single destination, where I traveled to.

My first camera is Nikon N2002 Film Camera from 1998 and I had some great photos of Vietnam from that time with this camera. Then I got Nikon F801, Nikon F3 and Nikon F4 for very long time. I just move to digital camera pretty late till 2009 when I decided to move to Nikon D700 digital camera but still keep the Nikon F3 film camera until today. The latest camera I have is Sony Nex 7, and I am very happy with this too.

The reason I created the Vietnam Photography Tours website is for sharing with you my passion as well as my experiences of taking photograph in my beautiful country. For me, the most important condition for good photograph is the lighting, the moment, good venue with a good luck as well. And I will be very glad to show you my beautiful country of Vietnam.

Vietnam Photography Tours by Yang


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